David Beckham enters the DigitalBits ecosystem as the new Global Ambassador.

Bringing the power of DigitalBits to the world

David Beckham, global sporting icon, entrepreneur and philanthropist is entering the world of Blockchain, NFTs and Metaverse with DigitalBits blockchain.

As one of the world’s most successful athlete-turned-businessmen, Beckham will help to communicate the transformative power of the DigitalBits blockchain to consumers, brands and other organizations worldwide.

“I am always keen to find new ways to connect with my fans across the world. The moment I spoke with Al and the DigitalBits team, I knew that this was a major opportunity to create new experiences for my fans online. I have always taken pride in working with the best teams and I am so excited to work on my NFT collections and more innovations in the future.” 

David Beckham

The power of blockchain is creating new dimensions

David Beckham’s passion for connecting with his fans in innovative and exciting ways is a driving force behind this initiative. Blockchain technology enables talent and brands to engage with fans and followers, creating digital assets like NFTs that can best reflect visceral and memorable moments on an entirely new level.

As part of his commitment to innovation, Beckham will launch a series of NFTs and other Blockchain-based digital assets, exclusively minted on the eco-friendly DigitalBits blockchain, providing new experiences for fans worldwide.

Fast, eco-friendly, built for brands.

Driving innovation and cultivating new ways for David Beckham to connect with his fans across the world. 

With a shared interest in disruptive and inclusive technology, Beckham will embark on a series of exciting projects that will demonstrate the power and potential of DigitalBits blockchain technology, which is fast and eco-friendly compared to many other platforms.