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consumer-first apps on blockchain infrastructure

DigitalBits is a fast and secure open-source blockchain focused on supporting consumer digital assets.

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Learn about the DigitalBits blockchain and network architecture.

Learn about the DigitalBits blockchain and network architecture.
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Leverage the power of branded digital assets

Using the DigitalBits blockchain brands will be able to launch their own digital asset on-chain in an easy and compliant fashion. These types of assets are known as branded digital assets and may come in the form of a digital currency, stablecoin or non-fungible token (NFT). Branded digital assets are designed to support heightened levels of consumer engagement, market intelligence, and overall value that consumers can spend everyday. Examples of a branded digital asset may include loyalty points for a retail brand, gift cards, store credit & more.


Capture the value of consumer markets

With a focus on mainstream crypto adoption, DigitalBits aims to solve a real world problem by integrating with consumer brands and applications. Create a frictionless user experience by embedding your branded digital asset directly into your consumering facing application.

Enhance liquidity using multi-hop technology

DigitalBits utilizes multi-hop technology to further support the potential for on-chain asset liquidity. Multi-hop enables the potential for trades to be completed up to 6-intermediary hops, in the absence of a direct market. This amalgamates all other order pairings within the ecosystem in such a case, to ultimately satisfy the initial trade.

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