Decentralized Blockchain Network Now Available for Fast and Seamless On-Chain Transactions; Announces Appointment of Eight Advisory Board Members  

San Juan, Puerto Rico; CoinAgenda Caribbean – March 19, 2018The DigitalBits Project (“DigitalBits”) today announced the launch of the DigitalBits decentralized blockchain network to support the loyalty and rewards industry. DigitalBits also announced the appointment of eight technology, and loyalty and rewards industry leaders to its advisory board.

A wide range of users, including enterprises with existing loyalty and rewards programs, can create digital assets (also known as tokens) on the DigitalBits blockchain network. Members of loyalty programs created on the DigitalBits blockchain are awarded tokens that are 100 percent transferrable within the decentralized DigitalBits Network. Users are also able to trade these tokens for other assets (e.g. token A for token B) they desire within the DigitalBits Network, directly on-chain, or for “digitalbits” or XDB, the blockchain’s native digital asset. XDB enables use of the DigitalBits Network by serving as the token required for the payment of transaction fees and account authentication, in turn providing added network protection.

“Issues of friction and cost have diminished the value of today’s centralized loyalty and rewards programs,” said Al Burgio, founder of The DigitalBits Project. “According to data collected by Colloquy, there are 2.5 billion loyalty memberships in the U.S. alone, but many of these consumers face frustrating challenges when trying to redeem rewards. Meanwhile, the programs themselves often lack liquidity and are costly for many businesses to support.”

“The DigitalBits technology is able to help advance the loyalty and rewards industry by using blockchain to address its shortcomings,” continued Burgio. “We’ve identified how, with frictionless on-chain transfer and trading between tokenized loyalty points, the DigitalBits decentralized network can bring liquidity and added-value to the next-generation of loyalty and rewards programs.”

DigitalBits is also pleased to announce that eight new members have joined its advisory board:

“DigitalBits has entered the loyalty and rewards industry at the perfect time,” said Nadine Rubin, member of the DigitalBits Advisory Board. “The industry is in need of change and the DigitalBits blockchain network is well-positioned to support this evolution. Almost instantly, consumers can trade for loyalty perks that they actually want and merchants can once again reap programs’ customer retention and engagement benefits, without the added cost and headache. This technology will be foundational to the next era of the industry. It’s an exciting time, and I’m looking forward to seeing how players in the space take advantage of the DigitalBits decentralized network to build new applications and experiences.”

With no centralized middlemen to impose excessive fees, the DigitalBits blockchain network is unique in how quickly and inexpensively transactions on the network can be resolved. Furthermore, other blockchain networks often take minutes to mine a block, while the DigitalBits Network takes just two to five seconds and costs less than $.00001 per transaction. As such, The DigitalBits Network is ideal for a transaction of any size that requires a near real-time response.

DigitalBits recently attended RestartWeek in Puerto Rico, sponsoring both the Blockchain Unbound and CoinAgenda conferences. “The interest we received in support of the DigitalBits Project from the blockchain community during RestartWeek was incredible,” stated Burgio.  “We are looking forward to sharing ongoing updates with the community in the weeks to come.”

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About The DigitalBits Project

The DigitalBits Project is an open-source project focused on developing a secure, low-cost global transaction network, protocol and tools for anyone to use, including but not limited to businesses with loyalty and rewards programs and their users. The DigitalBits Network’s native digital asset (“digitalbits” or “XDB”) secures the network, enables functional use of wallets, and is required to cover nominal transaction fees on the network. Loyalty program operators can also create their respective loyalty points as digital assets on this decentralized network and users can trade these various digital assets on-chain along with XDB.

The vision for The DigitalBits Project is to see the DigitalBits blockchain help solve certain portability and liquidity issues with many Loyalty and Rewards programs, and help generate additional value for consumers, businesses and certain charitable organizations. For more information, please visit

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